Sviluppatore: Lederzentrum GmbH
Categoria: Economia
Prezzo: Gratis

With this app, CarVice COLORLINE, you can display the leather collar recipe of your scanned
leather on your Smartphone.

The CarVice COLORLINE Scanner is a very compact tool for recipe selection connected via
Bluetooth®, which displays suitable recipe suggestions for scanned leather colours in a matter of
seconds, making mixing leather colours very easy.

The device is calibrated by us and equipped with our current recipe database, which now contains
over 500 colors from the automotive and furniture sectors.

So you can easily measure, prescribe and receive mixing suggestions for making the leather
colour with your smartphone.

- Switch on the scanner and connect it to the smartphone via the CarVice COLORLINE app
- Select the menu item "Match" in the app
- Place the bottom of the scanner flush on the leather surface to be measured and press the black measuring button
- Mix the displayed recipe (10-100 grams), test spray the color and correct it if necessary

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