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FunnyNovel–All of handwriting and bloody good storys. Enjoy the books you loved and enjoy the passionable reading experience.
Funny novel have many fantastic stoies, the genes such as urban legends, vampires and werewolves, love story, billionaire, boy`s love, Mystery, Fantasy, Fanfic, Horror, History, Wuxia, Sci-fi, teenage ....

Key Features:
plenty of genres: Enjoy our romantic stories!
Daily tasks: get coins to free read more easily!
Free books for you: we have many books totaly free!
More comfortable reading experience: enojy your story in any place any time and feel more comfortable!

[How the Bad guy was Tempered]:
Wen Dong, who was originally killed by drunkenness and drowning, was reborn in a prison! Looking at the strange face in the mirror, Wen Dong was confused.
"Ding! Bad guy developing system has been bound to you!" What's the situation? What is this Bad guy developing system? "The first task, sexually assault the man sleeping on your upper bunk." Fuck! What task is this? Why did you let me sodomize others in the first place?! "There will be rewards for completing the task, and you may be killed if the task fails!" ..... I will complete the task immediately!

[Gay arrived: the nasty boss is here]:
It has nothing to do with national boundaries, age, gender!
Therefore, we also have many homosexual love stories!
Adonis is an online writer, but he has a beautiful face that makes women jealous.
And Thomas is the editor-in-chief of a novel company, a typical workaholic, and a serious person. But because of a comment made by Thomas under an Ins of Adonis, the lives of the two people began to intersect...
Adonis feels that he has found a confidant, a true soul mate, but he does not know that he has become a warm sunshine in Thomas' boring life...

[Corpse clothes]:
This happened because of a stupid thing I did once. After I bought a set of silk pajamas at the market, strange things followed. The beautiful woman with short hair and big eyes knocked on the door in the middle of the night and left 20,000 yuan
. She says that I was her father. This strange thing was just a beginning. Every day after that, at 12 o'clock in the evening, the beautiful lady gave me some special services...
Fear comes from the unknown.
As the smartest creatures in the world, do we really have a complete understanding of the world...

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