Sviluppatore: Ademola Ranti
Categoria: Shopping
Prezzo: Gratis

Chow Rider is a complementary rider/delivery agent app for chow-app.

Chow Rider connects riders/delivery agents with buyers orders. With riders availability turned on, he / she will receive orders made to stores within his/her location, then accept the one he/she can handle, dash out and fulfil it.

People interested in registering as delivery agents should download, install and register with this app (Chow Rider App), making sure to upload all document as may be required and then wait for approval. A further verification and documentation may be required online / offline before approval.

Features / Usage:
Turn on availability
Receive notification of pending orders within your location for delivery.
View order remuneration / earning details
Accept to fulfil orders under Pending orders tab
Mark and complete fulfilled orders
Rider/Delivery Agent and Buyer Chat

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