Sviluppatore: Raouf Hashim Ahmad Dabbas
Categoria: Shopping
Prezzo: Gratis

By connecting individuals with specialists and vendors, Mumkenn allows for quick and easy access to your most basic necessities. By navigating through mumkenn’s expansive categories, and several subcategories. Users are able to place an order with the nearest chef of their choice, as they locate respectably rated mechanics.

The one-stop application allows you to securely log-in, storing your necessary information in order to reach the closest and most accommodating specialists to you. Mumkenn fosters the growth of local businesses and entrepreneurs by allowing for simple connection to users in and around their area. Mumkenn has no proprietary over any of the businesses, just real people conducting real trades, the way it should be.

This is a glimpse of the possibilities, leave it to us.

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