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Sviluppatore: Skylar Kaufeldt-Lira
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Why use Closet Spark:
1. Discover how many people like your outfits
2. Remember outfits you have worn in the past
3. View friends’ closets and help them to decide what to wear for a date or special function
4. Ask if you can borrow your friends’ outfits
5. Send fashion gifts to your friends and/or fashionistas who inspire you
6. View fashion influencer outfits and read their interviews
7. Unlock exclusive rewards
8. Boost your outfit to get outfit rates quicker

Note: This is a free app, but you can subscribe to its premium version and/or purchase some additional features:

Fashionista premium includes:
x Seeing all accounts who liked your outfits
x 10 free outfit boosts a month
x Unlimited rewinds on outfits
x 500 points for free each month
x No advertisements
x Unlimited fashion gift sends

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TikTok: closetspark

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