Divorced Girl Smiling

Sviluppatore: Angeli Angelos
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Empowering, Connecting, and Inspiring You During and After Divorce

Getting divorced? Thinking about divorce? Already divorced but struggling? The Divorced Girl Smiling mobile app has your back! The friendly, easy-to-use app offers features that include:
- Personalized divorce and dating advice
- Daily quotes of encouragement
- Inspiring videos.
- Tools to help your pain through confidential journaling.

The Divorced Girl Smiling app also offers a list of trusted professionals you might need during and after your divorce.
- Divorce attorneys
- Mediators
- Financial advisors
- Real estate agents
- Mortgage bankers
- Therapists and more!

The DGS app was created to help you feel like you have a friend with you during and after your divorce to answer your questions, calm you, help you feel less alone, empower you, and inspire you.

Smile! Life’s about to get a lot better!

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