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Around 400,000 people were born on the same date as you. You all share the most important day of your lives, yet remain complete strangers.
Not Anymore…
You can now find your birthday twins, explore their lifestyles and connect with them on our App.

A teen raised in a middle-class family in New York has a different life experience from a teen raised in a middle-class family in Mumbai, or Shanghai, or Sao Paulo, or Manila. Each of them has a great life, yet they only get to experience one.
With DoppelMate, each people gets to experience thousands of different lives from the eyes of their non-biological birthday twins. Our platform helps users to expand their perspective and appreciate their lives. It will be a first-hand learning experience for users to comprehend different cultures, costumes, lifestyles, trends, language, and maybe jokes while building quality friendships and connections across the world.
Connect with your non-biological birthday twins on our App.
Features included on beta version:
*Follow and/or message doppelmates
*Content posting
*Post rating and comments
*Group chats
DoppelMate provides:
Learning experience
Opportunity to build quality relationships
Realtime worldwide updates
Diverse perspectives
Fulfilment in life
Escape from daily routines
Your doppelmates are waiting for you...
Download the app and join our community now!

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