Activities – Peace of Mind

App Name: Activities - Peace of Mind
Developer: Georgi Zlatinov
App Category: Social Networking
Price: Free 0

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Easily check what people around you are currently doing and let others know what you are up to as well. The app is an easy communication tool that saves a lot of time and effort. It makes the unknown known and eliminates the uncertainty. It can give you a glimpse into the activities of the people in your life and vice versa. In just one quick step you can update your current activity status, location, mood and thus let everyone know what you are engaged with at the moment.

Update your status by setting your current activity: "Flying from Dubai to Paris", "Studying in the library", "Sunbathing and reading a book", "Driving to Milan", "Having a business meeting" and etc. Describe where you are (GPS navigation is available too), set the duration of the activity, choose your present mood and availability mode.

Eliminate the unnecessary interruptions and distractions from your life and the life of the people around you. Make it so much easier for everyone to keep track of the important things you do in an effortless and efficient manner.

Add all people you care about and keep in touch smoothly. Check people's activity status before calling and make sure that the moment is right. Set an activity status and let everyone else know if he can or can't call. Keep people well informed and have less distractions and disturbances.

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