Sviluppatore: Ifran Naseem
Categoria: Sport
Prezzo: Gratis

Cricket SASA is a web app, developed for cricket community to manage cricket leagues. It helps league administrators to create and manage players profiles and schedule games for multiple divisions. By using this App club administrators can create and manage multiples teams. They can register players online with appropriate teams.

Cricket SASA will eliminate the process of recording redundant entries in multiple columns of score sheet. Scoring can be done as easy by touching a few buttons on any smart phone or tablet (with wifi or data connectivity) which will generates live view of score sheet, So people can follow ball by ball proceedings of any game.

Cricket SASA, Not only provides a tool to score online but also keeps stats of leagues. There are various reports available to filter these stats which will help players, teams to track their progress. These stats filter can be helpful for club administrators / selectors to analyze players performances in given time period.

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