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GetRugby is an online rugby coaching platform that gives you access to world-class players, coaches and medical staff.

GetRugby has 4 key sections:
1. PROs
2. RUGBY101

1. Pros-
Access to the world's best athletes sharing their skills and techniques. Step by step coaching for different areas of your game. Get your position-specific insight from some of the World's best players. World Cup winners and Springbok legends, sharing the way they do it.

2. Rugby101-
This category covers everything rugby with the 2 main futures. The coaches corner, where you will learn from a level 3 coach. The second feature is training drills that cater from beginner to advanced levels.

3. Health-
Our Health section has 4 categories.
Strength and Conditioning

Health gives you access to some of the leading health professionals that the Pro's work with on a daily basis to keep them at the top of their game.

4. Social-
We aim to create a supportive rugby community where people can interact with professional athletes and one another. A platform to enjoy the game of rugby to love it even more.

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