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Your life is the journey you can enjoy only once. Therefore, Aclog is here.

Meet various kinds of people, try various kinds of things, make your
jorney fullfill with various kinds of experience.

So, let's use your time precioulsly.

The first step for that is to record your activity.
Secondly, review your activity of the day. See the difference between
that day and the day that you are daydreaming.
Finally, make small change to get close to the day you are daydareaming.
Repeat this steps.

It's OK to record your activity by opening memo apps and memorize the
time and activity each time, but that's bothered for me.
If you think so too, Aclog is here.

It's just simple.
Just open the app, and record it whenever you start something.
It would be the task you are working, practicing guitar, playing soccer,
drinking party or whatever.
Copy and paste the acitity record to your daily app.
That's it.

You can sync the log between iphone, ipad, mac and windows. Also,
command line script is available.
You can call the script from command line or vim/emacs and record the log.

I wanted the app which can simply record my daily activity like this.
I can not survive without this app anymore.

I want everyone in the world to use this app because I want everone in
the world to tresure their time and have the great life.
For people who want to do things you like every day so you feel very fulfilled.

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