Sviluppatore: Mael Navarro Salcedo
Categoria: Stili e tendenze
Prezzo: Gratis

With Altona, take control back and reserve your time for recommendations from people.

Save recommendations from people you value, either books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, videos, music or documentaries.

Altona is built with a system which helps you quickly chose which content to read, watch or listen.
This unique system has been created to encourage saving recommendations from people, no more from algorithms or advertisements.

This system is built around three main principles:
- You links the recommendation to the source
- You evaluate a priori the recommendation
- You evaluate a posteriori the recommendation

Evaluation are based on three criteria:
- Reliability
- Engagement
- Entertainment

Main functionalities:
- Save recommendation
- Link recommendation to the source
- Evaluate a priori the recommendation saved
- Evaluation a posteriori the recommendation watched/read/listened
- Sort recommendation with different criteria
- Filter recommandations already watched/read/listened
- Search through all sources

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