Anti Stress Fidgets Toys Pro

Sviluppatore: Jawad Iftikhar
Categoria: Stili e tendenze
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Anti Stress Fidget Toys Game is free offline funny calming, anti-anxiety and stress relief game. Colorful, unique and relaxing fidget toys is a best exercise for your brain to relief stress and relax mind.
It is one of the best stress relieving game with a lot of amazing fidget toys that you can hold, squeeze, squash or do whatever you want to do with them to release stress in minutes. Dozens of Fidgets, Calming Toys and Relaxing Sounds will make you love this game while you freshen up from boredom or hectic routine.
This game has sensory toys that will not only provide you a wonderful satisfying experience but this will also help you to improve focus, concentration and anger management. Peaceful sounds and calming music help bring you to anti-anxiety and relax state of mind. These relaxing games are full of activities and utterly satisfying to give you a wonderful calming experience.

Anti Stress Fidget Toys Game Features:
Antistress Fidgets Toy Game is a funny offline stress relieving game with the latest amazing colorful fidgets.
Squishable ASMR toys are fun to squeeze and squash.
Anti-anxiety ASMR Fidgets improves your focus and concentration.
This game has pop it bubble wrap levels, sand cutting, slime, brush cutting, squishy, snapper toy, crocodile dentist, yoyo fan, popcorn, pencils and a lot ASMR fidget toys.
Amazingly soothing and relaxing sounds like Animal sounds, horn sound provides a realistic experience anti-anxiety and antistress.
Intuitive Gameplay and smooth controls and realistic 3d graphics freshens your mind.
This fun game is free, offline and everyone of any age can play this.

Download & Enjoy this amazing offline funny anti-anxiety free game now.

Anti Stress Fidgets Toy has 24/7 available support - if you have any questions or feedback, please submit them using the support button in the settings menu.

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