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Appin is connecting your business with it's audience in your own app.

Appin is a part of the sharing economy. Just like ride sharing or sharing apps for vacation homes, Appin is based on many branded apps sharing one platform.

So what does this app do for the user?
Appin is the reader for the appin app format opening a world of app styled communication channels to the world.

As a brand use Appin to

- Create the starting point for your digital resources connecting your web, social media, contact info and newsletter at one place.

- Get a mobile presence without any coding or expensive research and development.

- Communicate with your target audience for example customers, employees or fans in a smart way using an amazingly looking and smooth format in the app.

- Benefit from smart notifications when communicating your audience.

Appin is the perfect app for

Co-working spaces
Commercial properties
Brick and mortar
Wellness clubs
Bars, restaurants and clubs
Sport teams

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