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Welcome to AYO – the place to bring your health & wellness to the next level! The AYO app, designed to be used in combination with the AYO wearable, helps you to sleep better, boost energy and improve wellbeing using science-based tools and breakthroughs.

Using proprietary algorithms and latest science, the AYO app calculates and provides you with your personal Circadian Health, based on your social jet lag and sleep dept. Learn how in sync you are with your circadian rhythm - a biological foundation affecting most of the brain and body processes from sleep, alertness, metabolism and immune response.

The AYO app further provides you with:
1) Your personal circadian rhythm and its unique stages during the day-night cycle
2) Personal recommendations for each specific stage regarding light, food, coffee, cognition, exercise and sleep
3) When to use your AYO to achieve your wake-up goal

The AYO app is currently on invite-only early access. Visit our website www.goayo.com to learn more about it and join the exciting Circadian Health movement!

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