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The Bellman Visit app makes it easier than ever to keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones. It connects the Visit system to your mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch via Bluetooth. Once you have installed the app, you will start to receive Visit notifications on your mobile device. In addition, your Visit receiver will alert you to incoming calls and messages on your mobile phone.

- Get emergency notifications from connected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors directly on your mobile device.
- Use doorbell and open/closed sensors to alert you if someone rings your doorbell or enters or leaves your home.
- Use a baby monitor and a contact mat to know when your baby stirs or is trying to leave the crib.
- Get an alert on your Visit receiver when you have an incoming call or message.

In the Bellman Visit app, all your devices and controls are literally at your fingertips. Customize your notifications, browse history, or update your setup with a simple tap.

Take control of your notifications.
Tap My Notifications to customize the icon, label, and room to match your requirements.

Stay on top of things.
Select History to see what you have missed. Your notifications are sorted by date and time.

Keep your setup up to date.
Tap My Devices to change your Visit setup as your need evolves over time.

The Visit alerting system empowers deaf and hard of hearing people to stay safe, independent, and socially active. It consists of a set of wirelessly connected transmitters and receivers that are located across the home. When a transmitter is triggered by e.g., a door chime, telephone signal or smoldering fire, the receiver alerts with loud sounds, bright flashes, and/or powerful vibrations.

To use the Bellman Visit app, you need the following devices:
- One BE1433 Mobile Phone Transceiver
- One or more Visit receiver/s
- iPhone 6S or later or iPad 5th Generation or later
- iOS11 or later
Please note that the Bellman Visit app should be used as a complement to your Visit receiver/s and not as a replacement due to safety reasons.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:
Tap Menu > About in the Bellman Visit app

Read Medical Device Regulation information here:
Tap Menu > About in the Bellman Visit app

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