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The Inception Point:
“The future belongs to the brave.” – To transform Bangladesh to the next level of Digital, we have to create space for total digital immersive experience. We want to create a rich smart home experience for local consumers catering to their unique needs and challenges at an affordable price-point and contribute to the buildup of a Sustainable economy of our country. With that in mind, to explore a new horizon in IoT, Bond is our latest attempt at innovation and disruption. Let’s unleash a new standard of living.
Bond Smart Home Solutions - Live in the future.

Our Products:
Smart Door Lock
Replace your old traditional locks in home with our advanced smart door locks which gives you the control of your home even when you are not around. It also increases security in your home and generates alert intuitively. Here are some features of it:
Unlock with fingerprint, rfid, bluetooth, mobile app, passcode and physical key
Internal battery powered to run for a year without any replacement
Connects with home wifi and sends alert on your phone
Intelligent to remember your family members

Smart Switch Socket
Enhance the look of your wall by using our lineup of Smart Switch Sockets which you can control remotely. The sleek glass finishing of the socket gives it an aesthetic look that perfectly defines your taste. Some features include:
Different variant of switches including 3-Gangway & Fan Controller
Touch enabled switch with option to control from mobile app
Connects with home wifi and sends alert on your phone
Intelligent to remember your preset configuration

Smart Energy Meter
Our intelligent energy meter helps you ensure smart electricity consumption & monitoring, enabling you to live a Green life! Some its features include:
Control central switch directly from mobile
Precise remote energy consumption power reading
Acts as a cut-out in case of power surge
Keep track of your historical energy consumption

Smart Motion Sensing Light
Our smart motion sensing technology brings convenience & energy efficiency at your palm! Have your lights turn on & off whenever you walk into a room or leave automatically or with your command at ease. Below are some features:
Battery powered & wireless technology makes it hassle free for installation
Smart integrated light sensor enables energy saving by switching on & off only when required
App controlled to provide any color you want to fit with your desired mood

Benefits of Smart Home:
Who doesn’t want to live in the future? But one can only imagine. Our offerings of smart home not only gives you convenience but also protects our environment. Some highlighted benefits of using smart home solutions are as below:
Monitor and control your home electronics anywhere, anytime
Save energy and contribute in reducing carbon emission
Increased security of your home through sensor readings
Convenience in lifestyle

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