BubbleTodo – 할일 관리 앱

Sviluppatore: Youk Chansim
Categoria: Stili e tendenze
Prezzo: Gratis

"I forgot what I had to do..."
"I did my to-dos, but I'm too lazy to check the completion.."

I've released this for you!

To-dos piled up like bubbles...
Complete it like a game.
Remove all bubbles!
So today's work is done!

[ How to use - Add To-Do]
1. Press the + button in the upper right corner.
2. Enter to-do, color selection, and input importance and schedule.
3. When you are done entering, click the Done button in the upper right corner.

[ How to use - Complete to-dos ]
1. 'Tap' the completed task to remove it!
2. Completed tasks appear in the list of completed tasks at the bottom.

[ How to use - View list and to-dos ]
- You can view the to-do list by clicking the list list in the upper left corner. (You can even edit it!)
- By changing the date at the top, you can see to-dos on a specific date.

[ Assistive Technology ]
- Support iPhone system black and white theme
- Support Widget

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