Faraday Future

Sviluppatore: Faraday&Future Inc.
Categoria: Stili e tendenze
Prezzo: Gratis

1) Futurist community

Acquire FF official news and product information instantly; Communicate with FF futurists and find friends with the same values.

(2) FF exclusive Consultant

FF will provide you with exclusive customized services.

(3) Value co-creation and growth with FF

You can deeply participate in the whole life cycle of FF's product design, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service, and operation; And through interaction and feedback, create value together with FF, you will also get FF growth value and FF futurism points.

(4) Learn about FF 91 and reserve your own one

Reserve your own FF 91, get FPO (future product officer) qualification, discuss FF products with "YT" and get exclusive rewards.

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