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We connect customers to skilled workers doing what they love. It’s an easier way to hire
and an easier way to get hired. We offer one platform for locals to: list jobs they can do,
post a job they need done, hire who they want, pay for a job and review the job. With
JobbHopp, you’ll know who to trust and keep your transactions transparent.

The JobbHopp process:

1. Start up
2. Profile Customization
3. Job Postings
4. Agreement
5. Status Updates
6. Approval
7. Review

Why use JobbHopp?
1. Pick the best person for the job
2. Easily earn some extra cash
3. Easily pay and get paid
4. We only charge 3% per transaction
5. It’s secure
6. Know who to trust
7. Chat with as many people as you need to find the right person
8. Multiple bids on one job
9. Save time and money

Put Simply:
Think about the Craigslist job board and just how useful it is. But then you remember it’s
a bit scary. Who do you trust? And now that you’re thinking about it, it’s a pain to email
and call around just to get a small job done. Getting a hired through Craigslist is just as
tough. And paying is always a hassle and if you need something done you need to pay
to post. Well, we’ve sorted all that out. We provide a platform that solve all these
problems. It’s safe. It’s convenient. And it’s easy. Best of all it’s completely free to use.
All you pay is a simple 3% transaction cost.

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