Sviluppatore: Lukas Pistrol
Categoria: Stili e tendenze
Prezzo: Gratis

Journalio lets you track your daily feelings which can give you a great overview about your mental health over time. The app provides neat statistics so you can see everything at a glance. It will be available on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch (Mac app will be available in a future version).

##Key Features

• Every day you can add as many entries as you feel like

• Let Journalio remind you at a specific time each day to add your entries

• Add tags, location or text to your entries to remember why you felt a specific way

• Create as many moods with associated colors as you want

• Don't have your iPhone nearby? Quickly add an entry with your Apple Watch

• Your entries are securely synced to your other devices via iCloud

• View your data in a beautiful monthly and yearly overview

• Add widgets to your Home Screen and see everything at a glance

• Secure your Journal with Face ID, Touch ID or alternatively with your device's passcode


Some features may require a subscription at additional cost. Some functionality may not be available or limited without a subscription. More about subscriptions can be found at

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