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Sviluppatore: Shenzhen McGole Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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Chican Smart APP is a smart hardware management platform at your home.
Through Chican Smart APP, you can achieve the interaction between the mobile phone and smart hardware fastly and realize the interconnection between smart devices.
Additionally, the Chican Smart APP can also show you interesting information of the smart home and help you to purchase high-quality smart hardware easily.
The distance between you and your smart life is Chican Smart APP.
1. Smart control & Easy to use
It can help you swiftly master the addition and operation of the device , and realize the interconnection and intercommunication between smart devices.
2. Personalization based on your preferences
Personalized smart scenes can be set up according to your own usage habits.
3. Device sharing & Fun delivery
Sharing equipment between family and friends to experience the funny of technology.
4. Shopping mall & High-quality goods preference
Layer by layer selection of science and technology and cost performance will give you a quality life.

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