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YAY YY- is a family pet recording tool software.
【Apply for pet breeding】
If your hungry pet is of reproductive age, if you want to find a good quality mating breed. Please submit information to the platform. Our customer service will contact you offline.
【Add pet】
We can add multiple pets, enter pet-related information, pet names, pet breeds, etc.
【Pet Consumption Account】
We also need to spend a lot of money to keep pets, and pets also need to eat, drink and take care of. Let's count how much money we consume to keep pets.
【Record all reminders】
We have a lot of things every day, but pets often need to buy food, drink, play, see the doctor and so on. We must record it here in advance to prevent forgetting.
【Record the daily situation of pets】
Here you can record the daily situation of our pets. When pets grow up, we can recall many things with pets.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:usekj028cycx@sina.com

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