Sviluppatore: Ajaykumar Valand
Categoria: Sviluppatori
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ApiClient app helps you to test the Rest API with your phone including features like import, edit and export postman collections.With this, you don't need to look for your laptop or PC whenever you need to test and modify your REST APIs. You can work on them anytime, on the go.

features :

Rest API
- Create HTTP, HTTPS request using Raw(JSON, text, java-script,HTML,XML) and Form-data.
- Save Api request
- Global variable
- Add headers with common hints.
- Reset API request.
- Format JSON request
- Copy/Save/share API Response.

Rest API collection
- Create Collection and Save REST/FCM Request.
- Important/export postman collection.
- Rename, share, duplicate and delete collection.
- Rename, delete and duplicate a particular Rest API.

- App automatically created history of Rest API and FCM requests.
- Delete single/all history.
- Clear Daily, weekly, monthly history configuration

Firebase notification
- Send Firebase notification to device using API key and FCM token.
- Custom notification payload.

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