Manual Counter (Tally Clicker)

App Name: Manual Counter (Tally Clicker)
Developer: Vladislav Kovalyov
App Category: Utilities
Price: Free 0
Rating: 3.56522 stars
Reviews: 69

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Perform quick tally count operations using Manual Counter:
• Start count right away with a single click;
• Manual Counter will remember your last progress;
• Configure your Counter with next parameters: Min, Max and Step values;
• Save Counters to List;
• Group and manage Counters which are added to the list;
• “Duals” mode: you can use it for any games scoring counting or any other pair tasks;
• Feel the counting progress together with Haptic*;
• Left Hand mode is available.
• Dark mode available exclusively for iOS 13.

Nothing more, just a convenient counting. Simple. Clean. Useful.

* - works on devices which support Haptic.

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