328 Expense

Sviluppatore: Sze Kwok Cheung
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

A simple and elegant way to manage your daily expenditures! All graphics, layout and even colours are professional designed to fulfil all your expectation.
Key features included:
*************SUPER SIMPLE DATA ENTRY*************
Our professional input design will let you input record with just a few screen touches! Our predefined categories should suit all your needs!

*************MORE THAN 1,000+ ICONS*************
More than 1,000 elegant designed icons, it is just beyond your expectation. They are all designed by graphic professionals.

************* MORE THAN 20+ THEMES*************
More than 20+ elegant designed themes are ready to use to reflect your style and character

*************CALENDAR VIEW*************
Simple, elegant designed calendar to make your daily expenditure and income in an organised
way! It also comes with a weekly expenditure heading bar

*************LIST VIEW*************
Monthly list all your expenditure and income with monthly heading bar.

To make your life easier, all daily, weekly and monthly expenditure information are shown to maximise
information on screen.

*************MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS*************
It supports multiple accounts. You can see details of each, including asset, debt and net balance.

*************MULTIPLE ACCOUNT TYPE*************
Supports multiple account type, including cash, virtual account and investment account.

*************DATA ANALYSIS*************
Analysis your weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure in a graphical way to let your plan your finance easier. You can also see analysis in any customised period! Trends and income/expense compare chart are also provided.

*************DAILY REMINDER*************
We know you are busy, so we added a Daily reminder to remind your daily input.

*************MEMBER SUPPORTED*************
You can mark record for each member of your family for further analysis.

*************MULTIPLE CURRENCY*************
It supports multiple currency and customisable exchange rate

*************BUDGET PLANNING*************
Your can define budget for overall or individual category

*************PERIODIC BILL*************
Automatically add bill record weekly or monthly (Premium feature)

*************BILL SEARCH*************
Search your bill with keyword or even by the amount! (Premium feature)

*************BIOMETRIC LOCK*************
The state of the art biometric lock should keep your record in secret. (Premium feature)

*************ATTACH PHOTO*************
Your bill can be attached to the entry by photo, so your can’t miss any details. (Premium feature)

*************AUTOMATIC CLOUD BACKUP*************
Automatic daily cloud backup to ensure your record safety. (Premium feature)

*************UNLIMITED CATEGORIES*************
Category are unlimited, you can add or updated them. (Premium feature)

*************EXCEL EXPORT*************
Export your record to Excel. (Premium feature)

*************MULTIPLE ENTRY BOOKS*************
It supports multiple book to fit different needs

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