Advanced Keyboard with Ai

App Name (Nome App): Advanced Keyboard with Ai
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Yerbol Izbassarov
App Category (Categoria): Utility
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Welcome to the Advanced Keyboard with Ai - the ultimate mobile typing solution designed to enhance your typing experience on the iPhone. We understand that typing can be a time-consuming task, so we created this app to help make it faster, easier, and more convenient for you. With built-in translate function for over 130 languages, text-to-speech, frequently used phrases, and a wide range of additional buttons, our keyboard is designed to improve your typing efficiency and accuracy. And now, with the addition of the Ai API, you can take your typing to the next level with AI-powered chat assistance. Discover how the Advanced Keyboard can help you save time and effort on mobile typing today! Custom keyboard that will fit anyone!

Key Features:
- AI assistance
Get suggestions for improved grammar and sentence structure on the fly, rewrite or rephrase text and anything you can imagine!

- Built-in translators for over 130 languages
Communicate in multiple languages with ease

- Text-to-speech feature
Listen to your messages in the language of your choice

- Clipboard - Frequently used phrases
Save time typing common phrases with ease

- Delete, move left, right and more buttons
Type with precision and accuracy

- Additional buttons for symbols and numbers
Quickly access symbols and numbers with a single click

- Discover more features and more features coming!

Main Benefits:
- Save your time by typing faster and standing on the shoulders of giants!
- Enhance your communication abilities by easily translating messages into multiple languages.
- Learn any language you like on the go!
- Listen to messages hands-free and on the go with the text-to-speech feature
- Save time by typing frequently used phrases with ease by using clipboard!
- Improve your grammar and sentence structure with the help of AI chat assistance
- Type with precision and accuracy with the addition of backspace and delete buttons
- Quickly access symbols and numbers with the additional buttons feature
- Free up screen space while browsing or typing with the hide keyboard button.

Download Advanced Keyboard with Ai today and take your typing experience to the next level! Communicate in multiple languages, get suggestions for improved grammar and sentence structure, and access frequently used phrases with ease. Enhance your productivity and efficiency with the built-in text-to-speech feature, backspace and delete buttons, and additional buttons for symbols and numbers. Don't wait, download now and start typing smarter with Advanced Keyboard with Ai!

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