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Sviluppatore: Dongguan Meijinghong Industry Co., Ltd
Categoria: Utility
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Airbot APP is a mobile application developed by Airbot Technology Co., Ltd. (Airbot Technology), which can be connected to designated Airbot products. Once connected, you can control the vacuum robot using the app and view its status and related information.
Using the Airbot APP, you can easily unlock a variety of advanced features such as:
[Create Map] (only for some devices)
Open the Save Map mode, and perform advanced functions such as room partitioning and merging to improve cleaning efficiency.
[Virtual Walls and Restricted Areas]
Set virtual walls and the restricted areas instantly. After the virtual walls/restricted areas are set, the vacuum will plan its path accordingly.
[Scheduled Cleaning]
Set a Scheduled Cleaning such that the robot will start the cleaning task at a specified time and automatically return to the dock charger when done.
[Select Cleaning Area] (only for some devices)
You can choose and specify the room(s) you want to be cleaned. After making a selection, the vacuum will only clean the selected room(s).
[Zone Cleaning]
Select an area that you want cleaned and set the number of times you want it cleaned.
[Targed Cleaning]
Click on the map the area the spot to be cleaned. After clicking Start, the robot will automatically plan the route to the target point and clean around that one spot.
[Recharge and Continue]
When the battery power is lower than 20% the vacuum will automatically take the shortest path to return to the dock charger. After charging, the vacuum will pick up where it left off.

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