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The Airthereal AIRIA app is the smartest way to control your Airthereal ozone generator. Ozone generators are used to safely remove odors while disinfecting and sterilizing the air and hard surfaces in the room.

With the AIRIA app, whether you are at home or out of the house, you can activate, schedule, and monitor your WiFi-enabled Airthereal ozone generator.

By connecting your ozone generator to an app instead of using the control panel, you can ensure that you are away from the ozone generator when it starts working. Although ozone is harmless in low concentrations, some people find that ozone can irritate their nose or they just don’t like the smell. By using the app, you can remotely control the ozone output level, functional mode, timer, and other settings.

Note: Ozone will not last long in the air after it stops generating, usually 30 minutes at most. It is important that you don’t occupy the room during ozone generation or up to 30 minutes after ozone generations tops. You can ventilate the area by opening doors or windows after this time to get rid of any remaining small levels of ozone and the leftover smell. Some people compare the leftover ozone smell to chlorine, like you’d notice at a pool or hot tub.

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