Archie Energy

App Name (Nome App): Archie Energy
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Co-laden
App Category (Categoria): Utility
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Together with an Archie charging station attached to your home, you are all set to enjoy your electric car carefree. With Archie, you can easily share your charging station with your neighbors, not only contributing to the green energy transition, but also generating additional income. The more you share, the less you pay for your own charging sessions.


The Archie app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to reserve a charging slot, manage charges and receive reminders when it's time to move your vehicle. Plus, you can rest assured that parking is always reserved for you, eliminating worries about where or when you can charge at home.


Archie is not only functional, but also a durable and stylish element that blends effortlessly into your facade. Equipped with a silent lever system and sheathed in recycled aluminum, the Archie charging station is a beautiful addition to your home and neighborhood. The motorized charging arm system makes plugging in your cable extra convenient, and the LED lighting ensures that your car, charging cable and walkway are always visible.

Whether you're an experienced EV driver or just beginning your electric adventure, Archie makes it easier than ever to charge and manage your electric vehicle, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Join the electric revolution and download Archie today!


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