Baby Monitor & Cry Translator

Sviluppatore: Marta Yuskiv
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

Baby Monitor & Cry Translator is an app that allows parents to monitor their baby through audio and video surveillance over Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE networks. With our app, it's now elementary to see what your child is doing because you need to use two smartphones to watch videos when your child is sleeping or playing and receive instant notifications if the child suddenly wakes up.

Intelligent wake-up baby recognition goes beyond the classic noise level monitoring by realizing full voice and cry recognition based on neural networks. You will receive a notification from our app at the first sign of your baby waking up. The app automatically adjusts video quality based on network speed, so you'll always be connected even on low-speed networks.

Use your existing or old smartphones as a baby camera and never again consider improving your child's monitoring process.


— Supporting All Connection Types

— End-to-end SSL/TLS encryption for the security

— Multi-Monitor Support

— Complete Feature Remote Control:

— Smart Warning System

— Video and Audio Monitoring

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