Battery Master

Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

Features of Battery Master

1) Battery Master gives you vital info about the status of your battery.

And shows metrics such as
- Charge Remaining
- Usage time remaining based on the current charge and usage.
- Last charge, time taken to charge, and rate of charge.

2) This app also comes with an internet speed test feature that lets you check your internet speed with one touch. It also keeps a history of your previous tests. You can also select a timeframe to delete your test history automatically.

3) This app lets you choose from a collection of plug-in animations that will show once you are plugged in.

4) Shows device info such as Model, OS, memory & storage details.

5) It comes with smart notifications to always keep you informed when you have a low charge, full charge, or when you are plugged out.

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