BM Manager

Sviluppatore: Bluemyth Global
Categoria: Utility
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The BlueBox management app is created for building management to organize and keep track of the BlueBox. Read More…

BlueBox is a smart parcel locker designed to simplify the parcel reception experience. A busy BlueBox requires managing, which is where our BlueBox management app comes into play.
The BlueBox management app assists building management with parcels and tenants and compiles data from the building regarding frequent parcel sizes, most frequent carriers, and average packages per day. We at Bluemyth Technologies Inc. aim to improve the community by utilizing innovative technology.

The BlueBox management app gives you all tools and access you need to manage Bluebox smart parcel lockers, right at your fingertips.

--Displays all the pending and completed parcels
--Ability to resend code to the tenant
--Compiles data for parcels such as frequent sizing, average packages per day, and frequent carriers
--Sort parcel data by carrier company, date, and size
--List of tenants and users (they must register themselves)
--Available and occupied lockers in BlueBox
--Messaging service to receive messages from BlueBox

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