ClockDisk – Music Player Alarm

Sviluppatore: 株式会社ステラノート
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

[Main features]
- Play music files
- Ring alarms with a music file
- Execute webhook URL

[How to use]
This app has three tabs at the bottom of the screen.

1) Music player Tab
Music files are sorted by its album title and will be listed.

2)Alarm Tab
You can add alarm settings from the "Add” button at the top right of the screen. The alarm has the following fields.
- Input field for alarm name
- Enable / disable switch
- Time setting
- Alarm type select: single (Once), daily (Repeat), and weekly (Weekly)
- Music to play select
Selected music will be played at the set alarm time.
If your device is locked or the app is in the background, the music you select will be played for 30 seconds as a notification. Tap the notification to unlock your device and the app will launch to play the music.
If your device is in the silent mode, the notification sound cannot be played.

3)App preferences Tab
If you would like to send a request to your favorite webhook URL, please turn on the webhook switch and input the URL here. This app will execute the webhook with the alarms.
Also stop button game switch is in this tab.

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