Sviluppatore: Moman Technology Limited
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

COLBOR presents applicable and superior products for users on every level to improve photos and videos. Therefore, let us present the COLBOR Studio to pair with COLBOR lighting fixtures, providing a novel solution for lighting fixtures management.
● The interface is clearly displayed and easy to operate. Slider design can provide steady and smooth adjustment so that users can regulate the parameter at will;
● The powered-on lighting fixtures would automatically pair after users tap the one-button on the interface, saving the complicated pairing process;
● After a scene is set, users can generate a QR code to share the scene with others. The joining effort of all would greatly improve the efficiency;
● Under White mode, users can adjust the INT and CCT of fixtures, and in the SOURCETYPE, users can find some daylight types that are commonly used, such as Day, Filming, Modeling, Dysprosium 5600K,White Halogen, Short-arc Xenon, etc;
● Based on Tungsten and Dysprosium, the GEL mode offers CTB and CTO modes, with more flexibility in color changing in variety of levels;
● COLBOR Studio presents a visual HSI palette, where all the colors are optional. Users can enter the values manually, or drag to select/delete a color block;
● Multiple color effects build a special circumstance for each specific shooting, for example, Flash, Faulty Bulb, Lightning, Pulsing.
This wireless control system allow users to control multiple lighting fixtures with one mobile device. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor environment, COLBOR Studio will assist users to control their fixtures in pursuit of the most satisfying result for photography or videography.

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