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Cyrus is your app for personal cybersecurity, privacy, and modern identity protection.

Our mission is to make you, and millions of people around the world, safer from cybercrime. Cyrus will secure your financial and online accounts and give you back full control over them.

Personal cybersecurity is about YOU.
What does it mean to keep a person safe from cybercrime?
We define a person's "attack surface" as all possible ways you can be subject to cybercrime.
Your attack surface will be the total "assets" you have: bank account, credit cards, online accounts, mobile devices, or anything else you have that might put you at risk of cybercrime.

Securing you as a person would mean securing your entire attack surface. For now, we focus on the two most important aspects:
- Financial Accounts Security
- making sure no one can open new credit or a checking account in your name or hack into one of your existing accounts.
- Online Accounts Security
- making sure your major accounts are well-protected, and you are the only one that has access to it.

Cyrus members can easily set up credit & checking account monitoring, as well as online account monitoring for major accounts (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).Cyrus will alert you to any suspicious activity.

- Protecting YOU from Financial Identity Theft
- Cyrus integrates with the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) and major US Banks to alert you in case someone tries to open a bank account or open a credit line in your name.
- Cyrus lets you take easy proactive measures to protect yourself from financial identity theft, and making sure you were not already a victim of identity theft. Some examples:
- Cyrus will help you verify all important information from the credit report.
- Cyrus lets you easily add and remove a "Credit Lock" on your financial accounts.
- Cyrus will alert you immediately if someone changes the password to your banking account.
- Protecting YOU from Online Identity Theft:
- Cyrus protects one of the biggest cybersecurity threats today: "Account Takeover" (ATO).
- Cyrus verifies you recognize all devices connected to your online account, make sure your passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are in place, and much more

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