FACZOXS- Fascinating Facts

Sviluppatore: Thanh Doan Duy
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

The Faczox app has hundreds of facts that you or your friends may not be aware of. You'll find hundreds of astonishing and interesting facts organized by category. You can tell interesting things to your family, friends, and relations. Amazing facts and interesting facts can be used to entertain yourself and your friends at any time. Add fascinating facts that you enjoy to your favorites list so you may read them again at any time.

We divide facts with different categories like

- General Facts
- Body Facts
- Animals facts
- Space Facts
- Sport Facts
- Language Facts
- Food Facts
- Technology Facts
- Nature Facts
- Plant Facts
- Science Facts
- Engineering Facts

This App stands out since it offers a variety of themes and font styles. Choose a theme, and your app will be completely transformed into that theme.

Every day, learn something new and share what you've learned with others.

Features of Faczox:

- Many different Facts categories
- Share and mark as favourite specific fact
- Different themes available with different font style
- All marked as favourite facts list
- Delete favourite fact
- 100 bonus facts which contains random facts.

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