JSP Comms

Sviluppatore: Cardo Systems, Inc.
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

JSP® Comms is a comprehensive yet intuitive interface to manage and control your Sonis® Comms device.

Personalise your device, set the various features and control it on the go with the easy to use design.

Whether it's Intercom, Music, Radio, or Bluetooth connectivity – JSP® Comms can take care of it.

Use the Quick Access button to enable full control of all the above from one screen.

JSP® Comms selected features:

• Remote Control for Dynamic Mesh Intercom
• Phone, music and radio control
• Auto day/night mode
• Quick Access
• Complete device setting, presets and customisation.
• Embedded pocket guides
• Smart audio mix
• Updates on latest firmware
• Reset device
• Access to support

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