Sound Meter: Decibel Meter PRO

Sviluppatore: Eugene Kluchinski
Categoria: Utility
Prezzo: Gratis

Noise is the background that surrounds us everywhere. No matter where we are, sound waves will overtake us absolutely anywhere. Excessive noise is very harmful to humans. But how to measure and find out if the sound around us is really too loud for a person?

The Sound-meter app will help you. Our sound level meter uses the microphone of a mobile device to measure the sound volume in decibels (dB) and also displays samples on a graph.

It is important to use the Sound-meter correctly to obtain accurate data. Sound-meter does not require special attitude or long training before use. It is enough just to bring the phone with the Sound-meter app closer to the noise source and turn on the power. After that, his microphone will start sending data to the reading element.

Sound-meter characteristics:
- Shows decibels on a scale
- Show current noise value - Display minimum / average / maximum values ​​in decibels
- Display decibels on a graph, easy to understand
- Can calibrate decibel for each device
- Show measurement history

Pros of the Sound-meter app:
- great design and user-friendly interface
- built-in spectrum analyzer
- application calibration using professional equipment
- selection of noise measurement algorithms

We made this app so you can save on buying professional sound level meters that cost several hundred dollars. At the same time, we made a beautiful, simple design to give you a sleek and extremely user-friendly device with an intuitive interface.

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