Airshow Mobile 3

Sviluppatore: Rockwell Collins, Inc.
Categoria: Viaggi
Prezzo: Gratis

Rockwell Collins has leveraged 30+ years of moving map expertise with market changing technologies to deliver an advanced version of Airshow. Airshow Mobile 3 delivers real time flight data from take-off to landing with an interactive 3D environment keeping passengers informed and entertained.

Key features of the app include:
• Beautiful satellite 3D maps that present the world beyond the cabin in high definition
• An Autoplay cycle that shows a predefined script of map views that is flight phase aware
• Interactive roaming, zooming and navigation of the globe
• Customized settings and layers that allow the user to choose how the map is displayed
• Convenient flight information including estimated time to arrival, flight speed and more
• Command Center: a consolidated view of maps and flight information into one display, with the ability to swipe through map views and flight information
• Selectable map views such as Flight Preview, Total Route, Mid Flight, Time Zone Globe and World Clocks
• Windows Seat provides the view from the cockpit or window seats on the left or right side of the aircraft. When in the cockpit view, a Heads Up Display is available that shows the movement of the aircraft as it pitches and rolls*. The Panorama feature in this view allows users to move their device in any direction and see the world as if they were looking through a transparent cabin*.
• Portrait Mode: rotating the device from landscape to portrait orientation enables a view quickly displays flight progress, departure and destination information, and other key aircraft data.

Note: The Airshow Mobile 3 App must be used in conjunction with a companion Airshow system in order to obtain real-time aircraft flight data. The aircraft FMS must provide Pitch and Roll information to Airshow to see this movement in the HUD. The tablet/phone must support multicast or broadcast. The tablet/phone must have an accelerometer and a gyroscope to support the Panorama feature.

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