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Explo helps you find and save local favorites that you certainly will love!
Our goal is to help you intuitively explore your destination so that you feel at home wherever you are.
If it is about exploring, we want to find authentic spots and are risking missing out.
That’s why Explo provides personalized video-based recommendations to make sure you find the right spots for you.

* Discover new places wherever you go
* Recommendations from the most authentic local creators
* Entertaining and qualitative Videos
* Turn your Phone into your personal guide
* Save your favourite places
* Become a creator yourself and earn

Our video-based approach makes sure that you get the information you need quickly and intuitively. In addition, you will have the chance to discover new unique places around you by swiping through our content, just like you do with TikTok or Instagram.
Locals and Guides create and curate our content to make sure that you will see relevant places only.

Discovering on your own is fun. However, sometimes it’s better to have an experienced guide by your site to not miss any hidden gems. Explo gives you the possibility to be digitally guided by professional tour guides and locals. Without the crowds, time schedules, and annoying places, you would skip if you could.

Popular creators and local celebrities are contributing to Explo. Getting the relevant information is essential, but most deliveries are boring. Our creators are top-notch entertainers that make sure you’ll love their videos.

Create and share your own locations for other explorers to discover. Record a video introducing the place and help create a global community of authentic locals and travelers. Showcase your journey with friends and family or publish it for the community to explore.

Actually, many more. Here is what is coming to Explo soon to make you become a local the moment you arrive at your destination. We will turn your phone into an augmentation of yourself.
* Digitally Guided Tours in which the best local storytellers show you around.
* AI-based recommendations that perfectly suit your interest.
* Smart Guidance that guides you like a personal assistant.
* Turn content creation into your profession by contributing and earning with Explo

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