Park Glens Falls

App Name (Nome App): Park Glens Falls
Operating System (Sistema Operativo): iOS
Developer (Sviluppatore): Fybr LLC
App Category (Categoria): Viaggi
Price (Prezzo): Free - Gratis 0

Park Glens Falls is a way to access real-time parking availability data for parking spots which are on the Fybr network. It helps you find your desired parking and triggers your favorite way finding app to navigate to it. Some of the prominent features are listed below.

Real Time Parking Availability
- Park Glens Falls has access to real-time parking space availability data from Fybr's Parking Sensor Network on-street, in parking lots and in garages. On launch, without needing any interaction, Park Glens Falls immediately shows available parking spaces near your current location.
- You can make Park Glens Falls follow your location as you drive to see parking availability in blocks which are near you, but out of sight.

Parking Recommendation
- Park Glens Falls recommends parking areas using live availability data for spots.
- Park Glens Falls feeds the availability data into its algorithm. The algorithm then applies a color scheme to indicate areas with higher availability.

Optimized Map Design
- Most map visuals not related to parking look visibly different.
- All colors and visualizations on the map are designed to highlight parking information.
- Recommended parking areas can be conveniently distinguished by their color.
- Easily distinguish between street parking, garage and a lot by looking at the map.

Easy Search
- Manually search for a destination address, Park Glens Falls will help you by auto-completing the address.
- Park Glens Falls will instantly load parking information of areas around your search destination.

Turn-by-turn Navigation and En-Route alerts
- Once you find your preferred parking, Park Glens Falls can trigger your favorite navigation app: Google Maps, Waze etc. to guide you with turn-by-turn directions for getting there.

Multi Device Support
- Park Glens Falls supports all screen sizes from phones to tablets.

Personalized Search
- Recommendations based on recent searches.

Voice Search
- Ability to search destinations with integrated voice search.

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