Sviluppatore: Ida Ramovic
Categoria: Viaggi
Prezzo: Gratis

Revacay is an app that focuses on creating better travel experiences by enabling people to save time on planning and preparing for a vacation, meeting new people they can travel with, so they don’t have to buy expensive group travel packs from big travel corporations and splitting the cost of daily activities such as renting a long tail boat in Thailand when wanting to explore different islands. 

The main functions involve ‘Travel events’ and ‘Travel Mates’: ‘Travel events’ creates the ability for people to share travel activities with the main purpose to reduce travel costs and having great experiences. ‘Travel Mates’ is a function with the possibility to find individuals to travel with.

Furthermore, there will be other functions such as ‘travel tips’ and ‘travel itinerary’ which helps travellers to gain insights both when planning the trip or while doing so. Revacay would involve B2B such a collaboration with different travel agencies that have accommodations, activities or transportation options.

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