Barber Check In Kiosk

App Name: Barber Check In Kiosk
Developer: Check In Systems Inc
App Category: Business
Price: Free 0

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Barber Check In Kiosk is made to give walk in customers a way to check in without the mobile app. Simple and fast, a kiosk can be added using an Apple iPad and a floor stand or wall mount. Customers will enter their name, phone and email address the same as they would using the mobile app.

To set up the kiosk, type CONFIG at the first screen. Enter your assigned System ID and Password. This will connect the kiosk to the online dashboard. To see the entries, go to Enter your credentials to login. At the top menu, select Displays->Standard Display and the entries will appear in order.

If you would like to play with our demo, type CONFIG at the first screen and use "demo" for all your credentials. This will connect the kiosk to our demo system and then you can log in to the online dashboard using "demo" for all three fields.

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