Decision Hierarchy

App Name: Decision Hierarchy
Developer: Stuart McGeoch
App Category: Business
Price: 1,99 USD

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Focus on the strategic decisions in your project by separating them from givens and assumptions (decisions that have already been taken) and from tactical decisions that can be pushed down the road.

How often have you been in a meeting where the discussion spins off into some topic that is either already decided, something best discussed later, or even just a hobby-horse of a single person in the room.

Decision Hierarchy is a great way of separating out these rabbit holes and focussing only on the decisions that really merit the group’s time. It is also a common step in structured opportunity framing of projects.

- visual table of decisions on a triangular decision hierarchy
- parking lot for new ideas/undefined decisions
- whiteboard sticky mode for easy brainstorming, with stackable stickies
- text only or tile based display
- PDF export of the table

Decision Hierarchy is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac in a common file format readable by all devices.

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