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App Name: String Catalog Translator
Developer: Cihat Guenduez
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String Catalog Translator revolutionizes the way developers handle localization in their Xcode projects. Seamlessly integrate with Apple's latest "String Catalog" files, leveraging the power of top-tier machine translation services. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, translating your .xcstrings files has never been easier or more efficient.

----- Key Features -----
– Drag & Drop Simplicity: Simply drag your .xcstrings file into the app, and let it handle the rest.
– Multi-Language Support: Choose from over 150 languages supported by Google, Microsoft, DeepL, and Yandex translation services.
– Automatic Empty Field Detection: The app intelligently identifies and translates only the empty fields in your String Catalog files, preserving your existing translations.
– Instant Translation: Experience near-instantaneous translation, saving valuable time in your development process.
– User-Friendly Interface: A clean, straightforward interface makes the app accessible for both beginner and experienced developers.
– Secure and Reliable: Trust in the app's security and the reliability of world-class translation engines.

----- How It Works -----
– Drag & Drop: Start by dragging your .xcstrings file into the app.
– Select Languages: Choose the target languages for translation.
– Translate: The app automatically translates all empty fields, ensuring your project is ready for a global audience.

----- Why Choose String Catalog Translator? -----
– Save Time: Eliminate the manual task of translating strings manually.
– Improve Accuracy: Leverage the best machine translation services for accurate and context-aware translations.
– Boost Productivity: Focus on development while the app takes care of the localization.
– Global Reach: Make your app accessible to a worldwide audience with minimal effort.

----- Get Started Today! -----
Empower your development with String Catalog Translator and easily take your app global. Download now and experience the future of app localization!

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