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App Name: Boost kit
Developer: Summersland PTY LTD
App Category: Education
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Welcome to Summersland Media.

Boost Kit is our specially curated bundle of research-based apps that have been meticulously crafted to support early childhood development through interactive experiences. These apps are not only engaging but also practical, providing invaluable tools for young people and their support networks.

While this bundle offers value to all young people aged 2-10, neurodivergent young people may find the tailored and targeted support offered in this bundle uniquely beneficial.

Ideal for parents/carers, teachers, educators, support workers and allied health professionals, this bundle aims to enhance the capacities of young individuals and facilitate their overall growth. The bundle enables the user to set up multiple profiles, which facilitates ease of use for families with more than one child.

Explore the key features of each app in our bundle:

3-2-1, Smile!

• Supports the understanding and development of facial expressions through observation and comparison.
• Includes descriptions of facial expressions to support observations.
• Has a "Smiling practice" function aimed at supporting your child to learn how to smile.

How much longer?

• Supports and builds patience and wait time tolerance.
• Uses a range of themes to suit all kinds of interests.
• Engaging viewing experiences and easy-to-use custom timers.

Inside voice

• Supports awareness of voice volume and volume regulation.

• Customise by adding your own locations and volume levels.

• Easy-to-understand volume meters.

I'm feeling...

• Supports the identification, communication and regulation of emotions.
• Can be personalised through the addition of your own regulation strategies.
• Includes a history function (which is downloadable) to track emotions and strategies over time.

My day

• Supports routines and the visual tracking of key activities across a day, week and year.

• Offers the convenience of monthly, weekly and daily overviews.

• Can be personalised through the addition of your own quick-tap activities and images.

Our bundle is a comprehensive toolset that empowers young minds, their families and support networks. Join us on this transformative journey, where learning becomes a dynamic and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Download our app bundle today and help grow the potential within each child.

Welcome to Summersland Media, a venture of Summersland PTY LTD, committed to empowering learning through innovative media solutions. Our diverse range of offerings includes apps, podcasts, resource kits and learning resources, designed to cater to the needs of organisations, educators and families alike who are seeking educational solutions

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