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App Name: Chinese Quest
Developer: 杭州踢卡教育科技有限公司
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Can you learn Chinese by playing games?

Yes! From now on, use Chinese Quest to master Chinese words easily while playing games!

We have a senior teaching and research team, using RPG gameplay as the carrier, combined with the professional content of the HSK exam and intelligent AI error correction, we have developed word learning courses covering HSK4, 5, and 6 levels to help you fully master the exam vocabulary!

Why choose Chinese Quest?

* Attractive combat system. By combining multiple-choice questions and exciting turn-based battles, it helps you practice word practice repeatedly in a fun game to firmly grasp word definitions.

* Rich and professional vocabulary courses. There are word learning courses for HSK4, 5, and 6 levels for you to choose from, supplemented by detailed word definitions and examples, and vivid word pronunciation, allowing you to correctly grasp the usage of words and lay a solid foundation for the HSK exam.

* Designate a study plan for you just like professional teachers. Based on the teaching difficulty and time you choose, we will intelligently develop a detailed learning plan for you, and arrange your learning content according to the plan, so that you can enjoy very professional planning guidance in Chinese Quset, so that you can Instead of wasting time making plans, you can put all your energy into studying.

*Various gameplay and content. Chinese Quest now includes multiple choice questions and connected questions to help you memorize words. There are also a large number of new maps and equipment in the game waiting for you to experience. More new maps and equipment, as well as brand-new gameplay are already under development and will be available to you soon!

If you want to pass the HSK exam and become truly proficient in Chinese, vocabulary is the top priority!
Chinese Quest is just the right word learning software for you!

whether you are
#Students preparing for HSK exam
#People who are interested in Chinese
#Teacher who teaches Chinese

You can use Chinese Quest to help yourself or your students easily master vocabulary in a short time!
Overcome the word difficulty and truly master Chinese!

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