Drawing with Math

App Name: Drawing with Math
Developer: Yuri Morozov
App Category: Education
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Our “Drawing with Math (Vector and Pixel Art)” app combines two main components:
* uniquely versatile image editors,
* various methods of linear transformations of both user-entered and system images.

Image editors are available in vector and pixelated forms.
The editors offer such options as:
* free drawing,
* entry of all standard shapes,
* entry of many aesthetically appealing polar and parametric functions.

Vector images can be linearly transformed in a variety of user-defined ways:
* 2x2 matrix,
* eigenvalues and eigenvectors,
* rotation by degree,
* reflection across a given vector.

Pixelated images can be compressed by segments to user-selected rank.

Mathematical context for the above is provided, whenever possible.
Explanation of image compression algorithms requires significant understanding of Linear Algebra, and is available in our “Matrix Solver Step by Step” app.

Several bonus images with animations and editable greeting cards are also available.

A number of future upgrades for the “Drawing with Math” are planned!

Suggestions and any other feedback are welcome!
Write to us at graphmath@aol.com.

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