App Name: AirAssaulPRO
Developer: Nguyen Van Trung
App Category: Entertainment
Price: Free 0

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this is an exciting arcade game featuring vibrant 16-bit graphics, challenging players to push their own limits in a frantic space battle. Take control of an agile and powerful spacecraft in a single-level packed with dangers, where skill and reflexes are essential to survive.

The unique control mechanic adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy: by shooting, the ship is propelled in the opposite direction, requiring precise coordination from the player to maneuver while facing a barrage of meteors and hostile alien creatures.

The objective is simple: beat your own personal record while dodging obstacles and destroying everything in your path to rack up points. Each destruction of a meteor or enemy brings a sense of achievement and increases the score, encouraging players to strive for perfection and challenge their own limits with each new attempt.
If you have any questions or comments during the game that need to contact us, please send an email to our mailbox and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Scarica su App Store

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